Cumbria DJ at The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge

From my perspective as a Cumbria DJ, The Swan Hotel at Newby Bridge in Cumbria, is an ideal wedding venue. The wedding breakfast takes place in the conservatory, then guests move into the “Club Room” for the evening reception. The room is a great size with modern décor, subtle pink up-lighting embedded the floor, and a twinkling star fiber-optic ceiling.

Carrie and Tim’s wedding guests were certainly up for a good time on Saturday, and made my night fairly easy. I don’t say this elsewhere on my website, but in truth, the skill of the DJ in judging what records to play is only one factor for a really successful night. Another crucial factor is the crowd, and their desire to dance and have a good time.

I played my usual broad range of different music, and found that 90s music went down particularly well. There was a buzz of excitement whenever I mixed in a club classic like Livin’ Joy (Dreamer), Gala (Freed From Desire), and Robin S (Show Me Love).  More recent crowd-pleasers included Shut Up and Dance with Me, Shake it Off, and Mr Brightside, achieving a full dance floor that I tried to capture on my video below, although its come out a little dark.

The other track in my video is by the Scottish band, Runrig, featuring the lyric “You take the high road and I’ll take the low road”. The groom had family from Scotland at the wedding, and this track is a firm favourite at Scottish weddings.

I did not receive many requests. I take this as a sign that guests are happy with my choice of music. However I was asked for some Black Lace, the 80s novelty act famous for kids action songs like Agadoo. I laughed it off the first time, but as the night progressed and the bride requested Black Lace, it transpired as a running joke between the bridesmaids, so once everyone was sufficiently oiled, about 11pm, I played Superman and I am the Music Man. I would never normally play these tracks, but I was happy to oblige because I knew the bride was cool with it, and that it would create another memorable part of her wedding day. In fact some of the her colleagues from the police force on Merseyside were on the dance floor & joining in with the actions so I suspect that will have been talked about back in work.

I had a discussion with the bride and groom about a good song to end the night, and I smiled when they suggested the perfect record, Farytayle of New York. It’s normally reserved for Christmas, but it is November now, and New York is the first stop on their honeymoon. Without any direction, the guests linked arms and formed a circle around the bride and groom, then clapped and cheered loudly as the Pouges faded away. Another perfect ending to a wonderful wedding day. Best wishes to Carrie & Tim for their married life.

Thanks also to The Events Manager Tanya, and my friends at The Swan Hotel, Newby Bridge, Cumbria. Stu Rogers Cumbria DJ looks forward to working with you at future weddings.

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