There is a skill to being a good DJ and it comes from experience

I fell in love with DJing at an early age, doing kids parties and school discos when I was only 13. Now in my 40s, I’ve spent 30 years behind the decks at hundreds of events and venues. You can read more about my past here, which includes many years as pub and nightclub DJ, and commercial radio presenter.

My years of playing to all different kinds of people has enabled me to understand how certain songs can transport you to a different time or place, triggering emotions and memories in you and your guests. I still get the same buzz of excitement from playing the right song at just the right time, to engineer one of those ‘hands in the air’ moments. No two weddings are the same. Through experience, I tailor my set by watching which genres of music receive the best reaction from your guests as the night progresses. Rest assured, I care about the success of your night, after all, we both want the same thing – a full dance floor!

I am not the kind of DJ who is constantly talking over the music, trying to be funny, or needlessly announcing every song. I will of course, use a microphone to invite requests, and make any announcements such as your first dance, cake cutting, and opening the buffet. Once the party is in full swing, I try to keep the music flowing by mixing tracks into each other, which helps keep people dancing.

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