Disco in the Orangery at Broadoaks Country House

Cumbria DJ Stu Rogers, often plays for weddings at Broadoaks Country House, which is a 5 minute drive from Winderemere. The hotel specialises in weddings, hosting over 170 per year.

Jennifer and Richard, had a warm September Saturday for their Lake District wedding.

Their photographer was Tiree Dawson, who captured the photograph above and has allowed me to re-publish it on my blog.

I could see it was a big wedding, as both car parks were full, and I couldn’t park close to the main building, so had further than usual to carry my equipment. I was greeted by one of the managers, who informed me he had recommended my Cumbria DJ service to the bride and groom. This is really pleasing for me, though gives me added pressure to ensure everyone enjoys the night.

The first dance was “Oh My Love” which is a wonderful upbeat song and was clearly one of Jennifer and Richard’s favourites. In my video below, you can see their guests joined them on the dance floor during the first dance and this really kick-started the night. It filled the dance floor, and allowed me to mix straight into some upbeat classics that I more commonly save for later in the evening, such Hey Ya, Sweet Soul Music, and Land of 1000 Dances by Wilson Picket.


As the night progressed, I mixed between indie, dance, chart, and classic disco, always watching which tracks were best received to tailor my music choices appropriately. The guests were primarily in their 30s and 40s. The bridesmaids requested Mysterious Girl for the bride, which everyone loved, so I continued with some Five, Spice Girls, and Backstreet Boys, which all got excited cheers. I suspect it triggered memories of their school disco days.

The venue served a barbecue at around 10pm, and although I dropped the tempo and volume, the dance floor stayed busy with some modern R’n’b including Drake, Ariana Grande, and DJ Snake.

Later in the evening, the groom choreographed and impromptu dance-off, with guests forming a circle and taking turns to show-off their dance moves in the centre. As the track finished the groom shouted keep it going, play Run DMC, and I was able to locate, load, and play this within about 3 seconds. The speed would have been impossible if using vinyl or CDs. It proved to be the right song, and the right time, further fueling the dance off and great party atmosphere.

I ended the night with Semisonic, Closing Time, which had been suggested in advance by the bride and groom. As it ended, there were big cheers and I could have easily kept them dancing longer. But Broadoaks always let off sky candles and Chinese lanterns at midnight, so I directed everyone to head outside and ended by saying what a pleasure it had been to be their DJ and big congratulations to Jennifer and Richard from Cumbria DJ Stu Rogers.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you from me and Richard for Saturday night! The dance floor was busy all night thanks to your fantastic music! Exactly what we wanted,everyone had a great time.

Thanks again
Jennifer and Richard

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