It’s the question every DJ dreads… so what music do you play?

The short answer is anything you want. It is very common for the bride and groom to compile a list of their favourites, usually 15-20 is ideal. I will make sure I’ve got them for you, and play them throughout my set.

Of course, the longer answer is that you are trusting my expertise in selecting the right songs to play at the right time. By booking me to DJ at your wedding, rather than a singer or a band, your guests will hear a broad mix of different types of music over the course of the evening, and hopefully something that will prompt them to get up and dance. Rest assured, I do not play The YMCA, the Music Man, Wig Wam Bam or any of the ‘action’ songs you might associate with a stereo-typical cheesy mobile DJ.

I’ve never specialised in a particular type of music. I am a “party” DJ, using the songs in my music collection as tools to create the right atmosphere, based on my observations of the venue, the audience, and the time of day. As a wedding specialist, this involves a focus on choosing the best songs to keep people on the dance floor – upbeat and well-known favourites from any era. I will usually mix together some 90s dance, with some RnB, rock, 70s and 80s disco, swing, classic oldies, indie, house and club music if appropriate, and usually some of the biggest chart hits from the past few months.

Tracks that go down well at 90% of weddings include We Found Love, Uptown Funk, Show Me Love, Mr Brightside, Summer of 69, Jacksons I Want You Back, any classic disco songs. I have a wide range music, and can accommodate most requests.

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